Who we are  About us

Our primary work area is Internet projects and internal business systems realization (business processes automation, enterprise portal, enterprise social network, etc.). We take on projects with budgets from 1 500 - 2 000 BYN (one thousand five hundred -  two thousand rubles). Work is carried out on a turnkey basis, including prototyping, server-based and software architecture design, pages design, programming, testing, launching and other works necessary for a quality project.

We do not have salespeople. We do not visit clients putting on expensive suits, conducting beautiful presentations, giving quick responses to any question with ostentatious courtesy, in an attempt to conclude a contract anyhow. If you are a representative of a large company and arrange auditions of dozens of web developers representatives in your office - do not refer to us.

Our project managers are former developers or concurrently developers and project managers, so we reckon on constructive and deep communication with customers with aim to create a quality product rather than fulfill formal contract terms.

To reduce project development cost, we redistribute some work load between regular performers from Belarus and CIS countries. All work results from external developers are carefully checked and monitored. Key developers designing and implementing critical tasks work at the Minsk office.

Our features

Experience and team

We officially launched in September, 2007. We've been doing complex internet projects for the last 4 years.

Projects budget

We mostly work with projects which budget starts from 700 USD. But there may be exceptions.


Key developers on the staff. Detailed prototyping. Progress payment. Customer participation in the process.